Kyle Villella

Vice President of Distribution


Kyle Villella has spent the past 16 years working in exhibition and distribution and comes to Fathom as Senior Director of Distribution. In this role, he is responsible for the overall strategy and execution of releasing Fathom events into theaters across the U.S., maximizing profitability for each event based on scope and scale.

Previously, Villella served in top positions at Eastern Federal Theaters, Lionsgate Films, Paramount Pictures and The Weinstein Company. Most recently he held the position of Vice President of Theatrical Distribution Operations at LD Entertainment and successfully released a slate of theatrical films includingKiller Joe(Matthew McConaughey),The Collection(wide release horror film),Disconnect(Jason Bateman, Paula Patton) andBlack Rock(Kate Bosworth). Villella has released films that have had both critical success as well as financial including:Saw,Fahrenheit 9/11,Crash,Mission: Impossible III,Inglorious Basterds, andThe Kings Speech. He has built solid long-term professional relationships with exhibition and distribution as well as producers on both the studio and independent level.

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